The Office of Council Services provides comprehensive research and reference services for the City Council, conducts research for the enactment or consideration of legislation, and serves in an advisory or consultative capacity to the Council and its committees.
Powers, Duties and Functions
Section 3-107.7, Revised Charter of the City and County of Honolulu (RCH) authorizes the City Council to establish the Office of Council Services (OCS) to assist it in the exercise of its legislative power.
OCS is “a necessary adjunct to, and is supportive of, the policy formulation or legislative role of the City Council” and “a tool for decision making – to assist it in analyzing the City’s policies and financial programs for their effectiveness and adequacy, and in identifying alternative programs, policies, and major problems which endanger the public interest and welfare.”
Since 1993, OCS has served as the Revisor of Ordinances.


 Services Performed by OCS

 Conducts independent and comprehensive research necessary
 for the enactment of legislation upon the request of the Council

 Provides assistance to the Council’s standing committees by
 conducting  background research, gathering pertinent data, and
 serving as resource persons to the committees

 Supports meetings of the Council

 Analyzes executive branch proposals, programs, bills, and reports
 at the request of the Council

 Provides legal research and advice at the request of the Council

 Prepares bills and resolutions requested by Council members

 Analyzes, prepares amendments for, and monitors the execution
 of the City's HART, operating and capital budgets

 Assists in review and preparation of the legislative budget

 Provides information to individual Council members by letter,
 memorandum, personal or telephone conferences, or electronic

 Prepares land use maps and provides GIS services

 Serves as Revisor of Ordinances, and supervises the revision,
 codification, and printing of the revised ordinances

 Maintains web pages and databases for the revised ordinances
 and city policy resolutions

 Assists the Council in fulfilling its responsibilities as a member of
 the Hawaii State Association of Counties

 Assists the Council members in their performance as trustees of
 Kapiolani  Park