The mayor is pleased to consider any requests for messages, proclamations, or certificates for publication or distribution. These may recognize individuals, groups, or events for their particular and unique contributions to the people of Honolulu. Please note, however, that the Office of the Mayor has discretion over the fulfillment of any requests.

If you would like to request a message from the mayor, please fill out a form below and email to  You may also mail the form with a cover letter and supporting materials to:

Mayor Kirk Caldwell
Attn: Mayor's Message 
530 S. King St., Room 306
Honolulu, HI 96813

Please select a form based on the following criteria:

Messages are written greetings from the mayor for reproduction in programs for special gatherings (conventions, commemorations, pageants, etc.).  Requests for both a proclamation and message will not be honored.
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Proclamations recognize exceptional achievement, extraordinary organizations, activities, and in rare cases individuals of interest to the broader community.   Birthdays, weddings or retirements do not merit proclamations but may merit messages.
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Certificates recognize an individual or group achievement along with major contributions to the community.

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