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Real Property Tax Electronic Payment Site
Pay your real property tax online or by telephone by credit card.

Electronic payments will be accepted during the following dates. (Due dates that fall on holidays, Saturdays or Sundays are extended to the next business day.)

  • Period 1 -- July 20 to August 20
  • Period 2 -- January 20 to February 20
  • 1st Interim Billing -- October 1 to October 31
  • 2nd Interim Billing -- April 1 to  April 30
  • 3rd Interim Billing -- June 1 to June 30


You will be asked to enter the numeric parcel ID/TMK (example:  1-1-1-001-011-0000-000) and select an amount to pay as shown on your tax bill; 1) the amount due now or 2) new balance.  PLEASE NOTE:  The last 3 numbers of your TMK is the owner sequence number. These last 3 numbers or owner sequence number can be found on your tax bill in the tax map key/parcel ID section.

A convenience fee for this transaction will be billed and collected by Official Payments Corporation.  The convenience fee will appear as a separate charge labeled "OPC HONOLULU PROPERTY".  

 Official Payments Corporation Convenience Fee:

 Fee based on percentage of tax payment and type of card used:
  • Discover, Visa, or MasterCard credit card 2.35% ($1.95 minimum)
  • Pinless debit card 1.00% ($1.00 minimum) for online payments only
To pay with credit card via telephone, call toll-free at 1-877-309-9117.
We will accept the amount due now or new balance that is shown on your tax bill.  You must pay the amount due now by the due date to avoid additional penalty and interest charges.  Payment will be applied to the oldest years' assessments for the following categories and in the order listed: 1) other, 2) interest, 3) penalty, 4) tax.  "Other" includes returned check fees and other costs related to collection or delinquencies.

A confirmation number will be provided to you at the end of your transaction, which you should keep for your records.  Your payment will be effective on the date you complete the transaction either on-line or by telephone.

Returned Payments.  The City charges a $25 service fee for payments not honored by the bank for any reason.

For assistance in making a payment via the internet or telephone, call the Official Payment Corp customer service representative toll free at (888) 357-8394. 

This website is applicable for parcels on the island of Oahu only and do not include parcels on the other Hawaiian islands (i.e. Hawaii, Kauai, and Maui).

Select the "I Accept" button if you accept the above terms and would like to pay for your real property taxes now via the Internet. 
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Payments will be accepted from January 20, 2018 until February 20, 2018 11:59 PM HST.
Please visit our Treasury Division page for instruction on making check payments.

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